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Our programming operates year-round on a rolling basis to provide direct access to science and technology. We encourage you to explore our programming and discover what opportunity would be best for you.

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My name is Karl</p><br /> <p>I live in Manchester England. 18 years of age.</p><br /> <p>Im proud to be a member of the geek group and even more so to be privileged with the responsibility of linking our You tube videos to the On-site blog. I am involved with the england chapter and trying to help get it off the ground. Its a thrill to be here and look forward to helping for many years to come


Interact at Home

You can view our educational content online, as well set up your local membership, book training and equipment, and RSVP to classes and workshops.


  • I <3 how you take care of my old neighborhood, the westside. That's why I make a small donation every month. I'm coming to GR in July for a few days & hope to come visit your facility. I learned to swim in that building when I was a kid, many years ago. You are a real asset to the community.

    Joy Bolick, Florida

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