Annual Giving

Giving to the Annual Fund at The Geek Group

Each year The Geek Group relies on gifts to the Annual Fund from members, students, friends and supporters to meet the immediate needs of operations and programming. These gifts are a vital part of our ability to provide opportunities to our community, both locally and worldwide (sometimes a little bit further than that, too).

What is an Annual Fund Gift?

Annual fund gifts are unrestricted contributions of any size, that are made on a yearly basis. We use these gifts to meet the immediate, day-to-day needs of our operations and programming.

Why are gifts needed every year?

Each year we have specific needs that require support. Endowment gifts and foundational support are earmarked for specific uses, and may not cover all of our operational needs that arise, often unexpectedly. The Annual Fund allows us to address the most immediate needs and opportunities and provide sustainability for our future success.

What impact do annual fund gifts have?

Every gift matters. Combined, they have a large impact and allow us to:

  • Provide scholarship support for members and students who wish to participate but are economically unable
  • Expand opportunities for our membership through purchasing new technology.
  • Expose more people to STEM through our local facility and events both locally and nationally.
  • Excite people of all ages about science and technology by providing continuous support for our video department.

Do you have more questions?

We would be happy to help you with specific questions on the Annual Giving Fund. Please call us at 616-466-4335.