Our Arts & Crafts department is an area of the building where play happens freely. We have a large assortment of materials that have been recycled for artistic use. We also have the tools to do screen printing, laser cutting, embroidery, stamping, collage, etc.

The only Tier-2 machinery in Arts & Crafts are the sewing machines. There is no per hour cost, it is based off of use of threads and materials. You are welcome to bring your own instead.

The laser cutter is a Tier-3 machine at a cost of $5 per hour to use. If you choose to you can purchase materials from us to use in the laser or bring your own. The laser cutter can cut and etch just about anything except metals and glass but it etches those quite well. We have tried cardboard, wood, paper, felt, plastics, and leather (but it smells terrible). If you are wondering if it will cut a certain material just contact us, or give us a call at (616) 433-GEEK (4335).