Rapid Prototyping

The Rapid Prototyping Lab is a setup available to all members that offers an experience unmatched elsewhere. We have six Afinia 3d Printers as well as a Dimension Stratasys 3d Printer. In addition, we have small CNC machinery, a laser cutter and the Rapid Prototype Lab includes access to the same CAD-CAM workstations as in the machine shop.

Utilization of the RPL allows ideas to have a turnaround measured in hours or days instead of weeks or months. Often after testing an idea on the 3d Printers, they are then created in metals on the Haas CNC machines.

Experience is not a requirement for anything in the RPL, but we ask that you exercise patience when learning a new skill. For members who are familiar with the technology, they can jump right into being productive. For those that need more guidance, we are more than happy to offer resources and be available for troubleshooting.

All of our 3d printers are Tier-2 machinery so there is no cost per hour to use them, the cost is based on the amount of material you print with.

The laser cutter is a Tier-3 machine at a cost of $5 per hour to use. If you choose, you can purchase materials from us to use in the laser or bring your own.