IRC Information

Username Registration

Please be advised that your nick should be registered with nickserv before joining #thegeekgroup, with a valid email address and password.

To register, type this command into the IRC window, replacing the email address and password with your own information:

/nickserv register yourpasswordhere

You will also have to identify every time you log back into the server:

/nickserv identify yourpasswordhere

To join #thegeekgroup after registering and identifying, type:

/join #thegeekgroup

General IRC Rules

Note that individual IRC rooms may have their own additional rules.

Rules exist to prevent abuse and make the network a happier, better place for everyone. Use of this server is a privilege, not a right – abuse of this privilege may lead to its loss.

The IRC server performs checks for open proxies and the like. By connecting to this IRC server, you expressly consent to these checks, as well as the following rules:

#1 Do not repost content from IRC channels without the express consent of The Geek Group or its representatives.

#2 No re-posting of private conversations without the express consent of all participants involved.

#3 Some channels require registration of your nickname, which in turn requires a valid e-mail address.

#4 Follow all instructions from IRC operators.

#5 Open proxies are specifically forbidden. Private proxies may be used with the permission of the IRC staff.

#6 Do not interact with spammers or trolls, this only encourages them.

#7 The IRC service is provided for fellowship, friendship, and the exchange and exploration of knowledge and science. Any violation of this tenet may result in disciplinary action at the exclusive discretion of staff.

#8 The rules of the IRC also follow as close as practically possible to the laws of the state of Michigan, if it is likely to be illegal in Michigan, it is not a good idea to discuss the subject.

#9 A level of responsibility should be exercised in IRC, remember that any topic that you discuss will be seen by less experienced people. IRC needs to set an example of safe practices.

Religious Discussion
This is absolutely forbidden.
There are many, many thoughts and feelings on the subject, and inevitably, hurt feelings/perceived insults will produce a flame war.

Political Discussion
Discussion of politics is NOT ALLOWED on ANY PART of The Geek Group Server, this includes unofficial channels, politics can turn members against each other, and this can spill over into other parts of IRC.  The only exception are items directly part of the Geek Group mission and operation and then only with staff approval

Tour Rules

We sometimes need to implement Tour Rules, this will be displayed in the topic, this normally occurs every Saturday at about noon, but may also be implemented at any other time and day.
Normal rules generally adhere to PG13 plus a little leeway. Tour rules mean that conversation must be suitable for all audiences, including young children or VIP’s who may have access to terminals in the lab, their smartphones, or may check us out once they get home; the latter means we may leave tour rules in position for a while after the tour ends.

#thegeekgroup Channel Rules

Common Respect
Every name you interact with is a real, living person. Being respectful of them is key, first and foremost, in maintaining a harmonious IRC.
If you don’t like someone you can still afford the same respect you show a stranger you walk by in the street.

Discussions are expected to be polite and remain that way. Differing opinions are fine to express; under no circumstances should it degenerate into arguments and insults.

Arguments should be taken to Private Message.
Arguments between members are not something anyone should expect channel operators to mediate, nor do they do anything more than cause disruption.

Swearing is okay in our IRC. However, please keep it in moderation, not in excess.
If you are really mad enough to make every other word a swearword, take it out of the IRC or find a more creative way to express yourself.


Hate Speech
We are made up of a diverse group of people that includes every combination of race, gender, sexual preference, identity, education,  and religion. It is this diversity that allows us to provide a broad worldview and problem solve effectively.
While we do allow a fair amount of joking around, especially during our NSFW hours, some things are never okay to say. Derogatory terms about a person’s race, sexual preference, religion, etc. will not be tolerated. If you are not sure if you can say it, chances are strong you should not.
If you go out of line, you will not be given a warning, you will be kicked on the offense. If you are genuinely uncertain about your offense, a staff member will politely discuss it with you. It may or may not be the same staff member who kicked you.
After being kicked. You are welcome to come back, but if you continue to be offensive, you will be banned – either temporarily or permanently. The staff may suggest you cool off before returning. If they do, it is in your best interest to heed this advice.

Pornography/Other Adult Content
Pornography or adult-themed content belong in the IRC channel ##nsfw. Members can and do access our network from school and work. If your content cannot make it past school and work filters, then it should ONLY be posted in ##nsfw.
The only exception to this is between the hours of 22:00 and 05:00 American Eastern Time. If you are not sure what the time is, Standard Time is GMT-6, Daylight Time is GMT-5.
And, of course, nerdporn is always exempt.

Spam makes it difficult to follow the various conversations taking place in an IRC channel.

The sole purpose of trolling is to get a rise out of someone. It is not appropriate behavior anywhere on the Internet.

Bots and the FishBot
Bots are not allowed into our IRC network without express prior staff permission. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Using the FishBot (slap command) in the IRC will earn you an immediate kick.
Automatic scripts that post content fall under the same rules.

IRC Nicks
The use of nicknames that are misleading, rude, vulgar, offensive or an impersonation is disallowed on our IRC network. If this occurs, you will be asked to change your nick or be kicked.
In addition, Chris Boden (Captain) is the only person allowed to have Captain in their name. If you sign in with any nick containing “Captain”, you will either be asked to change your nick, or immediately kicked (depending on who spots it first).
Variations of “Captain” (for example, “Capt”, “Capt’n”) are acceptable.

Connection Issues
If your connection repeatedly disconnects/reconnects, we will try to ping you, if we get no response we may decide to set a ban on your nick which we will remove after a time.
If you find your account banned from IRC, please join #help where a staff member can discuss the problem and remove the ban if your connection is stable.

Stream Recording
No one may post or re-post the LiveStream footage or any part thereof without express and prior permission from Chris Boden. Any violation of this rule may result in that member being kicked or banned from the IRC.

Unfortunately, an archive system is no longer available. We sincerely apologize for this.

Moderation Mode
At times, we may deem it necessary to put the channel onto Moderated Mode (+m). This will most often happen when we are dealing with excessive misbehavior.
If you log into the channel when it is in Moderated Mode and find you cannot send a message to the channel, it is because you do not have Voice (+v) which allows you to send messages.

Official and non official channels
Official channels will be marked with a single hash #
Unofficial channels to be marked with a double hash ##

Creating Channels
Members can only create unofficial channels, these should be run close to the general IRC rules, but we allow a little room for movement. Remember, TGG is hosting those channels.
If you think an official channel is needed, contact staff about it, if we think your suggestion is valid, one of the staff will create it.

Staff IRC Nicks
Chris: Captain, CaptainBoden
Lis: tysk
Paul Kidwell: tmbomber, tmbomber_work
Hugh: htassell
Jessica: jkl, dr_jkl
Mark: MadManMarkAu, MadManMarkAuWeb, AusiPowerBottom
Trevor: tlockley, tlockley_work, tlockley|nexis
Todd: Slewfoot
Patrick: SparkyProjects
Elizabeth: Elizabeth_tgg
Andrew: Batman, Batman_tgg
Stephen: Editor, Broccoli
James: Turbine, lightswitchr
Rachel: DX-MON
Michael: Talos
Jake: Zyferus, Zyf_irssi
Richard: sectech
Paul: kake26
Tyler: Rtkwe
Jeri: JeriTyler
Ryan: cheese
Frank: cbtl
Tripp: Treehouseman
John: kb3pxr