One of the most fundamental aspects of The Geek Group is our innovative spirit. This is something that we seek in our sponsors, and we love it when we can find a partnership with a company that is both cutting edge in their product and pushing boundaries in their ideas.

We have been long asked if The Geek Group has a 3D Printer. We decided to wait until we found the perfect manufacturer. We found it in Afinia. They are a midwest company that believes in exploring ideas and supporting their customers when they innovate, explore and play with their product. We love their attitude, and the fact that they are hands-down the best 3D Printers in the consumer realm we have ever seen doesn’t hurt!

We have been busy in the shop learning how to use the Afinia printers and we look forward to unveiling a couple of brand-new programs with them once we have the entire system sorted out and our code monkeys have fixed all of the bugs. Alongside our projects in the works, we will soon have a large collection of videos on how to use the Afinia machines from start to magic. Please check back soon!