When Hobart “Hoby” Buppert III found himself in need of a caffeinated alternative to coffee, he could’ve spent countless hours in a dark lab surrounded by bubbling chemicals in the hopes of concocting an artificial energy booster, but instead he reached for the helping hand of Mother Nature and discovered the natural boost of the guarana plant. One thing led to another and before the world knew what hit it, Bawls Guarana energy drink was born. Now synonymous with LAN parties, extreme sports, and paintball competitions, Bawls has become a symbol of staying awake for ridiculous lengths of times to do incredibly fun things.

Since The Geek Group has always maintained a strong commitment to all things fun, the partnership with Bawls was an inevitability. Thanks to the generosity of Bawls, The Geek Group’s LAN parties are now fully fueled in three delicious flavors and decked out in the finest swag Bawls has to offer. From backpacks and stickers to tee shirts and bouncy balls, the Bawls name and lifestyle have made their mark on the gaming community of Kalamazoo County.

Thank you for rocking so hard and keeping us wired, Bawls.