Makers of some of the finest robotics systems on Earth, KUKA is a premiere sponsor of the Geek Group and the main supporter of the robotics labs at Geek Group Heavy Industries.

The Geek Group formed a relationship with KUKA in the spring of 2007 and since then they have come to donate not only our first three large industrial robots (including the flagship robot demonstration Project Jeff) but a large amount of parts, documentation and accessories as well.

The Geek Group offers classes focused around KUKA robot technology and the KUKA Robot Language (KRL) to help others master the technology used in the design of robotics systems. Part of the KUKA Robot Group’s corporate philosophy is knowing today what our customers will need tomorrow. One of their primary needs is a new generation of technicians to support and program those robots. Thanks to the continued support of KUKA Robotics The Geek Group is able to share the advanced technologies of robotics and robotics systems design with thousands of students worldwide.