We would like to sincerely thank MacMedia of Holland, Michigan, for their outstanding donation of camera and audio-visual equipment.

MacMedia is:

* a not-for-profit, 501(c)3, communication resource for the greater Holland area

* MacTV – community access television

* CARE – refurbished computer placement

MacTV is:

* Comcast 24, 25 & 26 in the City of Holland

* Charter 22 in City of Zeeland and Holland, Fillmore, Laketown, Park, and Zeeland Townships

* regional community access television

* supported by City of Holland cable franchise dollars and fees for services

Community Access Television is:

* programming produced by the public for the public

* the video equivalent of the speaker’s soapbox or the printed leaflet

* provides groups and individuals with the opportunity to become sources of information through television for low or no cost

* permitted and governed by Cable Acts of 1984 and 1992

* a community resource for cable subscribers

* shows that are often more informational and educational than entertainment

* open to everyone in a community either as a viewer or as a provider of programming

* a local source of local information which is available at low or no cost to community members

* content produced by and for the local community

* freedom of speech arena

CARE is:

* computer refurbishing – PIII or above

* a resource for not-for-profit agencies to provide computers for their clients who have no computer and demonstrate an economic need

* a way for individuals and businesses to responsibly dispose of useable computers, along with providing someone with a computer who could otherwise not afford one, and qualifying for a tax deduction