Founded in 1953 by Mary and Al Morrison, Morrison Industrial Equipment made its home in Grand Rapids’, whose advanced industrial status and strong sense of community were a perfect fit for the fledgling company. Alongside their sons Bill, Dick, and Jack, the Morrisons turned a six person operation into an empire with thirteen facilities in eleven cities across Michigan and Northern Indiana. While many companies lose their connection to the people and communities they serve after such incredible growth, Morrison Industrial Equipment has once more stood out from the pack by taking an active interest in the well-being of the places they work, because they live there too.

To say that The Geek Group could not have accomplished what they have without the generous support of Morrison Industrial Equipment and the Morrison family is a gross understatement. Thanks to the donation of a power washer, a pallet jack, a forklift battery, and two forklifts, the Morrisons have given The Geek Group the freedom of mobility and mechanical strength to bring everything from giant robots and computers to aquariums and rockets into the lab, the classroom, and the hands of our diverse body of students. Because The Geek Group now has the raw power it does, we are able to accept large donations, both in quantity and weight, allowing for highly specialized equipment donations from corporate and private research institutions. Whether it’s a lathe that needs relocating or a stubborn stain left from a chemistry demonstration, Morrison has given The Geek Group the tools to conquer a plethora of challenges.

Thank you, Morrison, for making us cleaner, neater, and more powerful. The world of science is always exciting when it’s messy, but we like knowing we can clean it and let the next generation dirty it up again as they explore their world.