Oneida Air Systems collects debris and dust efficiently and with the power of science- which is why we are so excited to work with them. We use their cyclone systems in many projects around the lab – including Project Stomper and in the Machine Shop. They can handle everything from sandblasting beads to aluminum chips to sawdust – and they’ll do it all day long.

Oneida Air Systems, Inc. was founded in 1993 to provide products and technology to smaller wood working operations. Our business is dust collection, nothing else. We are dedicated to the innovative design of industrial grade dust collection systems that help create a safe, healthy, and practical workplace environment. We are recognized nationally and internationally as leaders in small wood shop hygiene and dust collection. We are dedicated to the pursuit of innovation and quality in products and services for the wood working industry we serve, and strive to provide quality US jobs, excellent working conditions and benefits for the people employed by us.