We are proud to work with Quinn’s Vape Supply to help our members and viewers stop smoking, a habit that is sadly far too common among Geeks.

Quinn and his wife Grace have created and operate this business together out of their home in Toledo, OH.

Quinn discovered eCigs in 2011. At first, it was one of those cigarette-sized devices with the colored LED on the end and pre-filled, disposable cartridges. After 14 years of a 1+ pack/day smoking habit and 5 other attempts to quit with other means, this looked like the way he’d finally do it. He went gung-ho and bought 6 packs of cartridges, 2 batteries, a carrying case, and a spare atomizer – and at this store, that was a hefty investment. He was ready! After about 2 weeks of use, his mouth was drying out very easily and the taste was not satisfying. This device remains in a drawer in his office with all the unused cartridges as a ‘show and tell’ for friends who inquire about them.

Shortly after, “Evil Ernie” of Obsidian Vapor Company turned Quinn on to his first eGo kit with cartomizers and Obsidian Vapor Company eLiquids. He used that in conjunction with cigarettes for a period of time, moving from cartos to clearomizers and tanks that use punched cartos. Once Quinn was sure the flavors and physical use of these better devices would be satisfying, he made a plan to quit smoking.

Quinn went to a local vape shop (fairly new to Toledo at the time) to find some new accessories and another eGo style kit, and discovered the eVic mod! He had to have it! He set a date a few months into the future where he would no longer buy cigarettes after that date. On that date, he bought what would be his last pack and took 2 days to finish smoking it… Quinn’s last cigarette was on May 9th, 2013.

Friends and family started asking him about these devices, and he started getting into different mods and accessories to play with – after all, Quinn is a techie by trade. He began ordering starter kits and liquids from Obsidian for friends and family, and the idea of starting a business came up. This is how Quinn’s Vape Supply started!