Samson Corporation is part of Samoa Industries, a worldwide manufacturer of bulk fluid dispensing packages, fluid inventory and management systems, lubrication equipment, control handles, oil drains, hose reels, extraction and evacuation products, specialty fluid dispensing roll-a-round units, shop furniture and various other types of equipment. Based in North Carolina, Samson Corporation performs minor manufacturing and assembly in the U.S.

Samoa Industries, part of The Moratiel Group of Companies and our parent company, is based in Spain with 6 plants worldwide located in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. In business for over 45 years, we are number one in Europe and other overseas markets.

Today Samoa is the head of a privately owned group of companies that develop, manufacture and distribute an extensive range of products. More than twenty-five companies throughout the world belong to the group. Our range of products enables customers to efficiently handle lubricants and fluids in automotive, industrial, agricultural, mining and construction applications.