In this age of bleeding edge technology and business conducted at the speed of thought, it is rare to find a company able to balance these high demand areas with the values that define America’s Midwest, yet Stallard Technologies manages to do so everyday. Nestled in the heart of Kansas, STI provides the international market with quality computers, servers, and peripheral technology, as well as the support to keep them running at top speed. However, Stallard Technologies is about more than servers and sound cards; they are a company dedicated to making sure the children of today have the skills to become the technological innovators of tomorrow.

Through a partnership with The Geek Group, Stallard is paving the way for Open Source and Linux literacy in the Great Lakes region through a publically accessible computer lab unlike any other. By providing schools, charitable organizations, and the general citizenry with not only the equipment, but also the teaching staff to learn about new operating systems, programming, and the ever-changing world of computer science, this project has limitless potential to enhance community wide enrichment, provide job and educational opportunities to marginalized segments of the population, and increase understanding about the pure joy of being a part of technological innovation. The lessons learned through this endeavor will give students a head start on higher education and employment, charitable organizations better control over their technology needs and how they’re addresses, and the average community member new knowledge and a previously unthought-of skill set. Everyone who comes in contact with this program will benefit.

At a time when science, technology, engineering, and math education in America is falling drastically short of international bench marks, it is more important than ever for private and public organizations to work toward the common goal of a smarter, more technology savvy population. By making this commitment with The Geek Group, Stallard is leading the educational revolution through technology that effects the lives of every man, woman, and child in the world. The Geek Group is grateful and honored to be a part of this groundbreaking endeavor, as well as to have the confidence and support of a company known across the globe for its commitment to its customers and the communities in which they live. For all you have done and will do, thank you, Stallard Technologies.

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