TPI has generously donated us various types and sizes of plastics to be used in many different projects including the Geekmobiles, robots, lifters and a few tabletop demos. Thanks guys!

Total Plastics, Inc. was founded in 1978 by John Kozacki and Jerome Kollig as a small plastics warehouse in Kalamazoo, MI. In 1984, the national sales office in Grand Rapids opened to accommodate the growing business and regional plastics customer base. Further expansion occurred in 1987 with the opening of the Fort Wayne branch. Then in 1996, Total Plastics was acquired by A.M. Castle & Co.. Since 1996 additional branches were added in Baltimore, Harrisburg, Pittsburg and Cleveland. TPI has grown to include 16 branches, the newest opened in July, 2007 in Warwick, Rhode Island. Total Plastics, Inc. has branches in the following locations:

* Baltimore, MD

* Chicago, IL

* Cleveland, OH

* Detroit, MI

* Fort Wayne, IN

* Grand Rapids, MI

* Harrisburg, PA

* Indianapolis, IN

* Kalamazoo, MI (Corporate HQ)

* Knoxville, TN

* Mount Vernon, NY

* Pittsburgh, PA

* Tampa, FL

* Trenton, NJ

* Warwick, RI

* Worcester, MA