We would like to thank WSJV for the donation of television equipment for our soundstage and recording studios.

When WSJV first signed on the air March 25, 1954, they were one of the first UHF stations in the country.  The South Bend – Elkhart market was somewhat unique in that it was required to use UHF channels because of the competing VHF channels in the Chicago area.  Originally an NBC affiliate, WSJV became an ABC affiliate about one year later.

In 1961, ABC began to broadcast some of their programs in color.  WSJV became equipped to broadcast locally in color in 1966 when the first color tape and film equipment was purchased.  Then in 1968, WSJV bought two color television cameras, and from then on all locally originated programs were broadcast in color.

In 1971 and 1972, the station was completely remodeled and enlarged to its present facility.  In 1975, the Truth Publishing Company sold WSJV to Quincy Newspapers, Inc. in Illinois, a corporation that owns eleven other television stations, two radio stations, and two newspapers.

WSJV now transmits with an effective radiated power of 5,000,000 watts, the most powerful station in the South Bend-Elkhart market, and we broadcast to over 300,000 households weekly.  WSJV still transmits on channel 28, but became a FOX affiliate effective October 1995.

WSJV believes that television stations have a responsibility to serve in the public interest.  WSJV meets that challenge by maintaining a very active role in the community. While annually donating hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of airtime and production for public service causes, we strongly encourage participation by our employees in civic groups and non-profit organizations like the The Geek Group.