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Jeri Tyler

Jeri is a well-rounded geek who enjoys flight, lasers and helping people with their projects. He also assists in sales and surplus and would be more than happy to haggle with you over the price of something in surplus.

Jason Minkus

At TGG not only do I work on my own projects, but I take care of the regular cleaning of the building (Janitorial Duties), this type of work helped pay for my college. I have a degree in Civil Engineering and work as a Transportation Engineer, which is only fitting since I love to drive…

Jake Smith

Jake is a member of the web team based in Missouri. He is a regular staff member of the IRC (internet relay chat) where he functions as moderator as well as one of the many developers on the website.

Steven Bellittini

My specialty is 2D animation & motion graphics, but the nature of our videos requires that I work in 3D as well.  I also help with our live-action Audio/Video production any way I can.  I am happiest when I can just sit at my desk working and not talk to anyone (except the software when…

Elizabeth Stack

Video editor turned director/producer. She oversees all A/V operations, as well as organize, shoot, and edit all of the videos you see on The Geek Group’s main channel. The speed that she is likely to warm up to you is glacial. 

Amy Stratton

Amy likes to help with whatever needs to be done and will happily jump around the facility for that day’s particular tasks.

Lis Bokt

Lis Bokt is the Executive Director of The Geek Group. Her function is to help guide the organization and ensure that members and staff have what they need to provide the mission.

Chris Boden

Chris Boden is the founder of The Geek Group and likes concise biographies. Known for his energetic and somewhat raw personality Chris is best described in the words of Hunter S. Thompson as “One of God’s own prototypes, unfit for mass production. Too weird to live, too rare to die.” Chris is incredibly passionate about…